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Shadows of the Ruinous Powers – Session 1

(Being a series of quick game notes trying to account for the events of many sessions of playing through The Enemy Within using the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1e rules)

Session 1

The Enemy Within

  • Kazgar [Gunner]
  • Larry [Bawd]
  • Othmar [Bunko Artist]
  • Gottlieb [Hunter]
  • Wilfried [Bawd]
  • Magnus Gunnar
  • Oscar Jager [Body Guard]

The session begins with the adventurers gathering on their way to Altdorf where Crown Prince Hergard von Tasseninck of the Grand Principality of Ostland is hiring adventurers for 20GC or more per day for “a most perilous mission into unexplored regions of the Grey Mountains.”

They arrive at the Coach and Horses Inn run by Gustav Fondleburger and hire their way onto a coach from the Ratchett Lines of Altdorf which already has a few people riding it:

• Gunnar (Drunken Coachman)
• Hultz (Also Drunken Coachman)
• Lady Isolde von Strudeldorf (Young Noble)
• Janna (Lady Isolde’s servant)
• Marie (Lady Isolde’s one-eyed Kislevite bodyguard)
• Ernst Heidelmann (Physician’s Apprentice)
• Philipe Descartes (Bretonnian Gambler)

They played several games of cards with Philipe (everyone coming close to breaking even in the end) and acquire a few rumours at the Coach and Horses Inn:

The road to Altdorf is troubled by bandits. Only last week a coach failed to get through. These are troubled tmes and it’s about time that the Emperor started looking after the common folk.
• The village of Teufelfeuer was recently burnt down by Fabergus Heinzdork, the witch-hunter. Fabergus had discovered that the villagers were in league with demons – something to do with them eating raw meat!
• A small village in the Shadow Woods is having some trouble with wolves. Seems their militia can’t even handle a few mangy dogs!
• The roads are getting worse because the Emperor is not bothering to maintain them anymore – he is too busy spending money on the Imperial Army.
• The weather is going to take a turn for the worse. It’s going to rain tomorrow and for a few days after.
• A merchant returning from Grossbad was attacked by a small band of Goblins. He managed to flee but his consignment of ale bound for Regensdorf was stolen. Still, at least the Goblins will be so drunk that they won’t pose a threat to anyone else!
• The roadwardens are all corrupt and can’t be trusted.
• The Mayor of Grunburg was burnt at the stake a few months ago for being in league with “Chaos Spawn”. He had been overheard talking to his cat and feeding it human blood in its milk. More than one witness proclaimed that he had heard the mayor telling his cat to “Drink your bloody milk!”
• There’s a dark rumour going around that children are being sacrificed to foul demons near some wee village in the Forest of Shadows – Regensdorf I think it was.

The trip the next morning is a disaster, with hungover coachmen, wheels flying off the coach, people vomiting in Lady Strudeldorf’s impressive box of hats, and finally a mutant ambush that includes Rolf Hurtsis, a thief who was known to Othmar. The mutants were cut down and all characters received 75XP.

(Source: Dyson’s Dodecahedron)

Shadows of the Ruinous Powers – Intro

For the last year I’ve been running a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1e) campaign running through the classic “The Enemy Within” series (with a little bit added or subtracted here and there).

We play almost every second week, and are almost 30 sessions into the campaign now (and our math indicates we’re looking at another 46 sessions to get to the end).

Some time (18 months?) ago, Cubicle 7 had the full Warhammer FRP 2e collection up on Humble Bundle, and it came with the 1e rulebook too. And they announced that they would be releasing the Enemy Within in PDF also. Excited by the chance to pick them up, I decided I would run it finally (after being part of a botched playthrough once as a player). So I started shopping around online and somehow now I have just about the whole 1e collection in print.

One thing with the Enemy Within – it is a pretty open-ended campaign where the players can easily “go off the rails” and stop running through the campaign as written and run off and do their own things instead. This is something I love as a GM – but I also really want to run the campaign in its entirety. So that was the deal when I put out the call for players. We would be playing WHFRP1e as written, and we would try to keep things on track to stick to the adventures in order to play through them all.

With that social contract in place, we’ve only had one occasion where we’ve actually had to stop play for me to tell the group that I love their plan, and I would run with it and have a great time, but it would mean ditching the adventures as written and moving into running whatever the party gets into at that point. So the party took it as a “if we lose now, we know that we really survived this already with our main plan”, and then metagamed a few ideas as to why they would stick it out instead of skipping town that night. A few other times we had a bit of metagaming regarding their next step (I’ve never had such a hard time getting a group to take a free vehicle to segue into the next adventure!)

I’ve been taking a lot of notes during the progress of the campaign, and instead of keeping them locked away for the players and I to read, I figured I would start posting the game reports here to the blog. The actual play reports the players get are also stuffed full of maps and illustrations from the adventures we are playing, but those are all copyright by their respective owners, so they won’t be appearing in the blog formatted play reports.

(Source: Dyson’s Dodecahedron)

4/5 – Z-Corps (Z-Corps)

Je suis tombé sur ce jeu il y a quelques années alors que je cherchais un second JDR à maîtriser après warhammer. Et comment passer à côté d un bel ouvrage comme celui ci ? Parce que oui, le livre en lui même est beau, et c’est déjà un plus.

(Source: Guide du Rôliste Galactique : le jeu de rôle, l’univers, et le reste…)

5/5 – Campagne Impériale (La) (Warhammer)

Voici le premier volume de la mythique Campagne Impériale!

(Source: Guide du Rôliste Galactique : le jeu de rôle, l’univers, et le reste…)

Bartek Blaszczec

Il a découvert le JdR avec Warhammer, et il est très vite devenu meneur. A présent il illustre des livres et des JdR, comme par exemple le Livre du Maître de la 2e édition de Portes, Monstres & Trésors.

(Source: Guide du Rôliste Galactique : les dernières news du jeu de rôles)

The Bitter Minotaur Inn & Tavern

The Bitter Minotaur is a roadside inn along a major road within the relatively safe lands of the Satrapy. The roads here aren’t threatened by monstrous incursions and other foul beasts, but as they run through heavy forests they are still prone to a bit of banditry here and there. Thus the Inn serves as a resting point along the route instead of a defensive shelter.

The three-story Inn has a courtyard with wagon gates east and west to allow coaches to roll in, unload passengers and cargo, and then roll out to park the coaches outside the wall for the night. The inn features 21 rooms (a mix of singles and doubles) over two floors above the tavern, as well as a dormitory on the ground floor. The tavern serves food and light drink (ale and wine, but nothing stronger).

Because it is along a major road and almost exactly 1 day’s travel from the capital of the Satrapy, the Bitter Minotaur sees a significant amount of traffic with 2d10+1 rooms booked on the average night, and hires staff from many of the local farms in addition to the small staff that lives on site.

The Bitter MinotaurThe Bitter Minotaur

This map is heavily based on the map of the riverside Three Feathers coaching inn from the classic Warhammer Fantasy RPG adventure “Rough Night at the Three Feathers” (seriously, this adventure is incredibly fun – if you haven’t played it yet, get a copy and run it now). It started out as a cleaned up version of that map for my online WHFRP campaign, but then sprouted a lot of extra details and a third story as well as a full wall making it a roadside coaching inn instead of a riverside inn.


The maps on Dyson’s Dodecahedron are released for free personal use thanks to the support of awesome patrons like you over on Patreon. Every month 400 patrons come together to make these releases possible. You can help too in order to keep the flow of maps coming and to improve their quality – and even get a map of your own!

(Source: Dyson’s Dodecahedron)

Bring in the new character!

So, I was prepping for Sunday’s “The Enemy Within” (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1e) session… And I’m finding myself weirdly familiar with the material I’m reading – even though I’ve never owned or read Death on the Reik before now.

And then it hits me. This is the game I was “playing” in that taught me a vital skill in my DM kit – how to engage new players and new characters into a game.

A close friend who was in two of my gaming groups invited me to join his Warhammer group. When I showed interest in playing a dwarf he was excited and explained that the group were about to get to a point where it would be PERFECT to introduce a dwarf to the group.

So I roll up my character, and then show up for the session. We’re high schoolers, so the sessions are 8-12 hours long on average. Start at 10 am, play until we burn out.

I sit down at the side and wait for my character to be introduced. The party futzes around some big city for a few hours, get into a tussle with some cultists, and then spend the rest of the session trying to track down the cultists and the cult to no avail.

The entire time, I’m not introduced to the party.

12 hours later, the session ends and we go home. I never got to play. And this is in the 80s so I have no portable entertainment with me… and since I expected to be gaming I didn’t bring a book to read or anything. I just sat there and watched other people game.

The DM tells me not to worry, I’ll be introduced right away when the next session starts. Sorry about that.

So, a week later, I’m still not part of the party when we break for dinner at 6pm… 8 hours into the session. “They just haven’t made it to where you get introduced! Don’t worry, it’ll be soon!”

As everyone goes downstairs for dinner, I toss my character sheet in the garbage and walk the 90 minutes home.

The DM was HUGELY pissed off at me for bailing when he had “worked so hard” to prep the story to introduce my character into the group.

I just read the section of the module where he was going to introduce my character. Yeah, it would work well, but seriously, it would also have worked fine in… you know… the capital of the fucking empire.

From this experience, when I run a game, I do everything in my power to introduce a character within 3 minutes of the player arriving. 5 minutes I consider a failure. 10 minutes is complete rubbish.

(Source: Dyson’s Dodecahedron)

Warhammer 4

Cubicle 7Warhammer Le Vieux Monde retrouve ses vieilles règles, mais remises à neuf.

(Source: Guide du Rôliste Galactique : les dernières news du jeu de rôles)

5/5 – U1 – Gallery of Evil (Pathfinder – Golarion)

Encore un très bon scénario de Paizo adaptable à n’importe quel univers de fantaisie, y compris de low fantasy (comme Conan ou Warhammer par exemple). Il y a un petit côté « Les miroirs de Tuzun Thune », la nouvelle de Robert Howard mettant en scène Kull, où la puissance des miroirs est remplacée par celle des tableaux. …

(Source: Guide du Rôliste Galactique : le jeu de rôle, l’univers, et le reste…)

Arthur Cavagné

Le JdR est venu avec Vampire et Warhammer, au lycée. Plus tard, avec le même ami qui l’avait initié, il a sorti Les Royaumes de Midgard, réalisant toutes les illustrations.

(Source: Guide du Rôliste Galactique : les dernières news du jeu de rôles)

Jonathan Cohen

Il a commencé le JdR à 14 ans, avec Warhammer et Vampire. Féru de mythologie viking, il a petit à petit fait son propre jeu, Les Royaumes de Midgard, illustré par son plus ancien ami…

(Source: Guide du Rôliste Galactique : les dernières news du jeu de rôles)

Third-Story Run

“We saw the thief grab the map but he was away and out the window before anyone had a moment to react. The chase after him went from rooftop to rooftop and even across Thunder Lane before we forced him down into a courtyard where Ehrik repeatedly dunked his head into a small fountain to try to find out where along the way he had managed to ditch the map.”

Third Story RunThird Story Run

After a few too many games of Assassin’s Creed, or just lovely flashbacks to the starter adventure scene in the original Warhammer Fantasy RPG chasing Bertoldo Vasari across the rooftops of Nuln, sooner or later you are going to want to run a rooftop chase scene.

This map assumes a society and climate where moderately pitched roofing is the norm – with an average of about a 30 degree slope. Dashing on a 30 degree slope can be difficult, might take a few rolls. And the general rule of thumb for a snowy climate is that roofs slope up six to nine inches for every foot they cover, so assume that the peak of a roof is 1/4 to 1/3 the total width of the building above the level of the edge of the roof. So on a 20 foot wide building, the roof slopes up to 5-7 feet in the centre. This allows for easy transfer from a 3 story building to a 4 story building as long as the peak of the lower building approaches the side of the taller.

The buildings have numbers on them to indicate how many stories above street level they reach so you can figure out where jumping and climbing will come into play, and below is a sample routing along the rooftops for a would-be thief to attempt an escape before the party almost inevitably runs them down.

Third Story Run RouteThird Story Run Route


This map is made available to you under a free license for personal or commercial use thanks to the awesome supporters of my Patreon Campaign. Over 400 amazingly generous people have come together to fund the site and these maps, making them free for your use.

Because of the incredible generosity of my patrons, I’m able to make these maps free for commercial use also. Each month while funding is over the $300 mark, each map that achieves the $300+ funding level will be released under this free commercial license. You can use, reuse, remix and/or modify the maps that are being published under this commercial license on a royalty-free basis as long as they include attribution (“Cartography by Dyson Logos” or “Maps by Dyson Logos”). For those that want/need a Creative Commons license, it would look something like this:

Creative Commons LicenseCartography by Dyson Logos is licensed
under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

(Source: Dyson’s Dodecahedron)

Hebdo du 29 octobre 2017

Palsambleu quelle est cette frénésie ? Voilà-t-y pas que le GRoG accomplit en trois jours ce qu’il fait d’habitude en plus de deux semaines ? Mais quelle mouche les pique donc ? C’est un nouveau mal des ardents qui frappe ?
C’est une excellente question et nulle réponse n’est entièrement satisfaisante, car les vacances de la Toussaint ne concernent pas tout le monde, et pourtant l’emballement fut net et ses effets remarquables. Des dizaines de fiches, des critiques, des gammes nouvelles, que sais-je encore ?
Et pensez à la page d’accueil qui heberge en moyenne huit vignettes par semaine et en a reçu cette semaine 19, soit deux bonnes semaines bien remplies ! Les vignettes de lundi ne sont déjà plus visible dans la journée du mercredi, c’est impressionnant.
Et dans le même temps, le projet de nouvelle version du GRoG reprend sa marche en avant, enfin !
Mais ne nous y trompons pas. Le GRoG reste fragile, tenu à bout de bras par une équipe réduite. La conjonction de disponibilité des membres de cette équipe, plus de quelques intervenants plus ponctuels, a permis de battre des records, ou presque. Mais les héros sont fatigués et la relève est toujours difficile à trouver. Si vous ne savez pas quoi faire pour aider le jdr francophone, sachez qu’il y a des idées pires que de venir donner un coup de main à un site certes pas récent, mais qui fournit un service sans équivalent.
GRoG needs YOU !
Et pour être plus précis, cette semaine les nouvelles fiches ont concerné Carcère, Trinités, Warhammer, Sword & Wizardry, Soirée Jeu de Rôle, Shaan, FATE, Lamentation of the Flame Princess, Plenilunio, Chroniques Oubliées, Hârn, OSRIC, Freaks’ Squeele, Sombre, Fear Response, Degenesis, Time Master, Through the Breach, La Trilogie du Bidonville, Into the Odd et Vampire : L’Age des ténèbres, excusez du peu. Notons que Soirée Jeu de Rôle, Fear Response et La Trilogie du Bidonville sont trois nouvelles gammes.
Quelle semaine !
(1261 jeux, 12705 ouvrages, 27 systèmes, 15619 critiques, 496 jeux amateurs, 1137 éditeurs, 2245 bios, 4982 utilisateurs)

(Source: Guide du Rôliste Galactique : les dernières news du jeu de rôles)

3/5 – Guide du Joueur (Le) (Warhammer)

Donc je me lance dans une critique de WHJDR v3 car j’ai bien l’intention de lancer mes trois ados dans le chaudron magique cet été en espérant qu’ils en sortent transfigurés. Je pense avoir été assez critique mais gardez à l’esprit que si j’en parle et que je veux le faire joueur à ma progéniture c’est que le potentiel ludique est énorme … donc voilà !

(Source: Guide du Rôliste Galactique : le jeu de rôle, l’univers, et le reste…)

Sigmar fait son Âge

Après la perte des droits d’exploitation de la licence Warhammer par Fantasy Flight Games, le futur d’un des univers emblématiques du jeu de rôle était incertain. Allait-il être repris par un autre éditeur ? Se calquerait-il sur l’évolution de l’univers du jeu de figurines ou resterait-il sur la formule bien connue du Vieux Monde ?
Nous savons maintenant ce qu’il en est. Et c’est Cubicle Seven, éditeur déjà bien connu pour sa gestion de licences très connues telles que The One Ring ou Doctor Who qui hérite de Warhammer. Et dans cette version, c’est bien une nouvelle mouture de l’univers de figurines de Games Workshop qui sera développée.
Warhammer Age of Sigmar Roleplaying Game sera attendu pour le courant de l’année 2018.
La news sur le site de l’éditeur Cubicle Seven.

(Source: Guide du Rôliste Galactique : les dernières news du jeu de rôles)

Bitter Harvest (A) (Zweihänder)

Ce scénario fut mis à disposition en même temps que la version préliminaire (Early Access) du jeu, à l’issue de la campagne de souscription participative. Il est désormais intégré dans la version finalisée du livre de base (et sa version gratuite). Il est inspiré d’un scénario pour Warhammer 2 qu’un utilisateur surnommé “Ovid” posta sur le site Strike to Stun.

(Source: Guide du Rôliste Galactique : le jeu de rôle, l’univers, et le reste…)

Hans Krill

Il est tombé dans la marmite à 11 ans, à Noël, quand on lui a donné un livre de base de Warhammer. A présent il fait des dessins de jeu, comme par exemple pour Fantasy Flight Games.

(Source: Guide du Rôliste Galactique : les dernières news du jeu de rôles)

5/5 – Shattered Dreams (Loup-Garou : l’Apocalypse)

Voilà un supplément que j’attendais depuis super longtemps. Des campagnes à Loup-garou, j’en fais depuis… très longtemps, vu que c’est mon deuxième JdR après Warhammer. Au cours de ces nombreuses parties, on s’est souvent demandé à quoi ressemblait l’histoire légendaire des Garous. Je veux dire : on connaît à peu près bien celle des vampires, par exemple, mais l’idée de millénaires de conflits tribaux, sauvages et primals à l’aube de la Terre… Jouer durant l’Impergium, participer aux migrations des humains, et combattre les autres changeformes… C’est épique et franchement cool.

(Source: Guide du Rôliste Galactique : le jeu de rôle, l’univers, et le reste…)

4/5 – Maîtres de la Nuit (Les) (Warhammer)

Très bon supplément, au contenu inspirant. Il donne vraiment l’envie d’intégrer des vampires dans sa campagne. Il en donne aussi les outils, les moyens. Les cinq lignées sont intéressantes et bien décrites. Comme d’habitude avec les bouquins de la 2e édition, l’écriture est évocatrice, agréable à lire et parsemée de traits d’humour bien sentis. Les illustrations sont, dans l’ensemble, assez bien foutues.

(Source: Guide du Rôliste Galactique : le jeu de rôle, l’univers, et le reste…)

Enrica Angiolini

Elle travaille dans les BD… de jeu de rôle ! Elle est en effet coloriste de la série Warhammer 40.000. Ce qui lui fait beaucoup plaisir, après avoir joué à Warhammer au lycée, entre autres choses.

(Source: Guide du Rôliste Galactique : les dernières news du jeu de rôles)

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