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Hebdo du 19 août 2019

Lorsque l’on avait dit à Sébastien qu’il verrait des races extra-terrestres, il n’en avait pas cru ses oreilles. et ne parlons même pas de sa réaction lorsqu’on lui a expliqué que c’était lui qui devait aller à eux et non l’inverse…
Depuis l’attaque des colonies martienne et lunaire par les Seth, il n’y avait plus vraiment de doute sur le fait que l’Humanité n’était pas seule dans l’univers. Heureusement, la fédération terrienne s’est vite organisée pour former une défense correcte, les Starfinders, et éviter que le système solaire ne devienne un nuage de ruines
Il faut dire que des mercenaires déjà prêts à l’emploi n’attendaient que l’occasion de se rendre indispensables. Passée la phase d’éclipse ayant suivi l’attaque, ils se sont mobilisés comme un seul homme.
Sur Terre, des bandes de parias dérangés ne l’ont pas vraiment pris comme une bonne nouvelle. Et bientôt, il a fallu traquer et étouffer dans l’œuf les graines de l’hérésie , de cette sombre hérésie, avant qu’elle ne deviennent un danger pour l’Humanité.
La secte de la Couronne Putréfiée faillit même ébranler les fondations de la fédération terrienne. Heureusement, les Pathfinders, l’antenne terrestre de leur homologues sidéraux, les traquèrent et décapitèrent sa tête avant qu’il n’en soit ainsi.
Sans ces héros, dieu sait ce qu’il en serait advenu de la Terre et de l’espèce humaine ? Les enfants ne s’y sont pas trompé et ont vu dans ces nouveaux héros des modèles qu’ils s’empressent de prendre en exemples. Sébastien lui-même se voyait déjà lui-même en héros, enfant.
Devenu adulte, Sébastien n’avait pas vraiment changé. Il avait gardé cet esprit aventurier. Et, gravissant les échelons du consortium Deepsyx, il n’avait cessé de rêver à ce qu’il y avait au-delà du système solaire, et d’espérer lui aussi lutter contre la menace des Seth.
Et aujourd’hui, enfin, voilà qu’il quittait la lumière du soleil pour rejoindre celles de la station Oreste. Oreste ! Là où les espèces les plus différentes qui soient se regroupent au sein de l’Alliance et mettent leurs différents de côté pour mettre fin au péril qui les menace toutes.
Sébastien n’avait pas oublié ses rêves de héros. Et il comptait bien en devenir un.
Et sur le GRoG, vous savez combien on en a de héros ?
(1376 jeux, 13939 ouvrages, 31 systèmes, 16012 critiques, 511 jeux amateurs, 1215 éditeurs, 2373 bios, 5382 utilisateurs)

(Source: Guide du Rôliste Galactique : les dernières news du jeu de rôles)

Pouvoirs de Classe

Elder CraftOreste. Les pouvoirs de classes d’Oreste qui tiennent dans la poche et ne fondent pas dans la main !

(Source: Guide du Rôliste Galactique : les dernières news du jeu de rôles)

Écran de Jeu (Oreste)

L’écran de Oreste comporte du côté MJ, de gauche à droite :

(Source: Guide du Rôliste Galactique : le jeu de rôle, l’univers, et le reste…)

Shadows of the Ruinous Powers – Session 1

(Being a series of quick game notes trying to account for the events of many sessions of playing through The Enemy Within using the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1e rules)

Session 1

The Enemy Within

  • Kazgar [Gunner]
  • Larry [Bawd]
  • Othmar [Bunko Artist]
  • Gottlieb [Hunter]
  • Wilfried [Bawd]
  • Magnus Gunnar
  • Oscar Jager [Body Guard]

The session begins with the adventurers gathering on their way to Altdorf where Crown Prince Hergard von Tasseninck of the Grand Principality of Ostland is hiring adventurers for 20GC or more per day for “a most perilous mission into unexplored regions of the Grey Mountains.”

They arrive at the Coach and Horses Inn run by Gustav Fondleburger and hire their way onto a coach from the Ratchett Lines of Altdorf which already has a few people riding it:

• Gunnar (Drunken Coachman)
• Hultz (Also Drunken Coachman)
• Lady Isolde von Strudeldorf (Young Noble)
• Janna (Lady Isolde’s servant)
• Marie (Lady Isolde’s one-eyed Kislevite bodyguard)
• Ernst Heidelmann (Physician’s Apprentice)
• Philipe Descartes (Bretonnian Gambler)

They played several games of cards with Philipe (everyone coming close to breaking even in the end) and acquire a few rumours at the Coach and Horses Inn:

The road to Altdorf is troubled by bandits. Only last week a coach failed to get through. These are troubled tmes and it’s about time that the Emperor started looking after the common folk.
• The village of Teufelfeuer was recently burnt down by Fabergus Heinzdork, the witch-hunter. Fabergus had discovered that the villagers were in league with demons – something to do with them eating raw meat!
• A small village in the Shadow Woods is having some trouble with wolves. Seems their militia can’t even handle a few mangy dogs!
• The roads are getting worse because the Emperor is not bothering to maintain them anymore – he is too busy spending money on the Imperial Army.
• The weather is going to take a turn for the worse. It’s going to rain tomorrow and for a few days after.
• A merchant returning from Grossbad was attacked by a small band of Goblins. He managed to flee but his consignment of ale bound for Regensdorf was stolen. Still, at least the Goblins will be so drunk that they won’t pose a threat to anyone else!
• The roadwardens are all corrupt and can’t be trusted.
• The Mayor of Grunburg was burnt at the stake a few months ago for being in league with “Chaos Spawn”. He had been overheard talking to his cat and feeding it human blood in its milk. More than one witness proclaimed that he had heard the mayor telling his cat to “Drink your bloody milk!”
• There’s a dark rumour going around that children are being sacrificed to foul demons near some wee village in the Forest of Shadows – Regensdorf I think it was.

The trip the next morning is a disaster, with hungover coachmen, wheels flying off the coach, people vomiting in Lady Strudeldorf’s impressive box of hats, and finally a mutant ambush that includes Rolf Hurtsis, a thief who was known to Othmar. The mutants were cut down and all characters received 75XP.

(Source: Dyson’s Dodecahedron)

Nuages en Ruine (Les) (Starfinder)

Les Nuages en Ruines (The Ruined Clouds) est le quatrième volet de la campagne Soleils Morts (Dead Suns). Il est prévu pour des personnages de niveau 7. Au terme de l’aventure les personnages devraient atteindre le niveau 9….

(Source: Guide du Rôliste Galactique : le jeu de rôle, l’univers, et le reste…)

Nuages en Ruine (Les)

Black Book Editionsnull. A la poursuite du Culte du Dévoreur, rencontrez les descendants d’une civilisation déchue.

(Source: Guide du Rôliste Galactique : les dernières news du jeu de rôles)

Shadows of the Ruinous Powers – Intro

For the last year I’ve been running a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1e) campaign running through the classic “The Enemy Within” series (with a little bit added or subtracted here and there).

We play almost every second week, and are almost 30 sessions into the campaign now (and our math indicates we’re looking at another 46 sessions to get to the end).

Some time (18 months?) ago, Cubicle 7 had the full Warhammer FRP 2e collection up on Humble Bundle, and it came with the 1e rulebook too. And they announced that they would be releasing the Enemy Within in PDF also. Excited by the chance to pick them up, I decided I would run it finally (after being part of a botched playthrough once as a player). So I started shopping around online and somehow now I have just about the whole 1e collection in print.

One thing with the Enemy Within – it is a pretty open-ended campaign where the players can easily “go off the rails” and stop running through the campaign as written and run off and do their own things instead. This is something I love as a GM – but I also really want to run the campaign in its entirety. So that was the deal when I put out the call for players. We would be playing WHFRP1e as written, and we would try to keep things on track to stick to the adventures in order to play through them all.

With that social contract in place, we’ve only had one occasion where we’ve actually had to stop play for me to tell the group that I love their plan, and I would run with it and have a great time, but it would mean ditching the adventures as written and moving into running whatever the party gets into at that point. So the party took it as a “if we lose now, we know that we really survived this already with our main plan”, and then metagamed a few ideas as to why they would stick it out instead of skipping town that night. A few other times we had a bit of metagaming regarding their next step (I’ve never had such a hard time getting a group to take a free vehicle to segue into the next adventure!)

I’ve been taking a lot of notes during the progress of the campaign, and instead of keeping them locked away for the players and I to read, I figured I would start posting the game reports here to the blog. The actual play reports the players get are also stuffed full of maps and illustrations from the adventures we are playing, but those are all copyright by their respective owners, so they won’t be appearing in the blog formatted play reports.

(Source: Dyson’s Dodecahedron)

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