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Isle of Kheyus

There are many small independent island cities in the Copper Seas that I have visited in my attempts to navigate out of those quiet and confusing waters. Today we look at the Isle of Kheyus, where the remnants of ancient civilizations have the locals cowed and eking out a living in fear of the past coming back to haunt them.

Isle of Kheyus (Colour)Isle of Kheyus (Colour)

Kheyus was once home to a massive city of some ancient civilization that covers much of the northern end of the island. The city has been reduced to ruins down to the stone of the island itself, but throughout the islands people have found bits and pieces of ancient artifacts and the occasional defensive construct defending tombs and treasures…

Isle of Kheyus (Grey)Isle of Kheyus (Grey)

The city of Kheyus sits at the outlet of the main river of the island and ekes out a living from the Copper Seas and subsistence farming in the river valley. The people of Kheyus are openly hostile to “explorers” and “adventurers” seeking treasure and ancient history in the ruins to the north – more than once have the defensive constructs of that city (awakened by nosy explorers) threatened the city and farmlands here, and one on occasion an ancient plague was released that killed nearly a third of the populace.

Isle of Kheyus (B&W)Isle of Kheyus (B&W)

But adventurers still come, and the strange crystalline structures on some of the islands have been farmed for crafting magic wands and orbs and attract magi and craftsmen. And the people of Kyni Bay (the walled town in the bay south of the great ruins) are also aware of the ruins of a lost city in the mountains that they keep secret from travellers and adventurers – for unlike the ruins, the lost city is still mostly intact, and they worry that far more powerful constructs are hidden away there defending ancient vaults.


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(Source: Dyson’s Dodecahedron)

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