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The Seven Spires

Raised by a talented Wizard-Noble of old Phalorm, the Seven Spires is a small ornate castle made of seven overlapping towers set on the edge of the Neverwinter woods.

The Seven SpiresThe Seven Spires

The small castle was used officially as a research space for the wizard-noble, but also served as an escape from court politics in the young war-based nation of Phalorm, and as a watch point over the growing orc menace in the region. Being fairly close to the settlement of Neverwinter, ties were maintained with that growing settlement and information about the movement of the orcs was exchanged.

The Seven Spires were unfortunately built on a dirt plain where bedrock was too deep to dig down to. In time this means the spires are doomed to slow collapse as the weight of the towers presses down and outwards on the foundations.

Whether or not Phalorm survives the orc hordes it was meant to defy (it doesn’t, the orcs destroy it less than a century after it was founded), there is only so much time before the years will do the orcs’ work for them and the towers begin to collapse upon themselves. Less than 900 years later, the seven spires will look more like a jagged collection of broken teeth than the castle as shown here.

With full credit to Mike Schley for the original Cragmaw Castle map upon which this is based. I love that map and found it really inspirational.


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(Source: Dyson’s Dodecahedron)

Secret de la Dame au Serpent (Le) (Dodécaèdre (Le))

Ce scénario d’enquête et d’ambiance horrifique prend place dans les Essarts, dans la vallée d’Archémont, voisine de l’Essart de Cimiers où a lieu le scénario de La Cense de Maître Luige. Il fut originellement prévu pour être joué lors d’une séance d’initiation et est conseillé d’être joué avec les règles de Sombre.

(Source: Guide du Rôliste Galactique : le jeu de rôle, l’univers, et le reste…)

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