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Selling Out! First Wave of Merch!

Wave 1 Shirts at RedbubbleWave 1 Shirts at Redbubble

I keep getting comments on my recent drawings of “I’d buy that on a t-shirt!”, so I thought it was time to put everyone to the test again.

So here we go, the first wave of Dyson Logos merch has arrived. I don’t QUITE have the whole ego thing down yet, so none of them have my name on them, but expect some actual Dyson Logos branded merch to be added to the selection soon.

We have – from left to right, top row first:

  1. I Just Need To Axe You a Question (this one is hidden behind the “mature content” filter on the site because of the blood).
  2. Critical Strike!
  3. 3d6 in Order – D&D’s Original Hardcore Mode
  4. 3d6 in Order – As Gary Intended
  5. Have Dice, Will Game!
  6. The Magic 20
Most of these are available in your choice of colours (except the Magic 20 which needs to be on a black shirt), and also have things like notepads, phone cases, and similar.

And they are all available through my Redbubble storefront.


(Source: Dyson’s Dodecahedron)

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