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Neoclassical Geek Revival – The Dyson Logos Edition!

My doodles and drawings have found a new home!

I’ve been playing Zzarchov Kowolski’s Neoclassical Geek Revival RPG for a few years now, and have designed the character sheets for the previous two editions of the game. But of course, that wasn’t enough.

Zzarchov is Kickstarting the latest edition of NGR, and this time there will be a number of styles to choose from when you get the book or PDF. And one of them will be mine – I will be drawing every piece of art in this volume from cover to character sheets.

But there are other artists to choose from also! Versions of the rules will be available with Scrap Princess’s art, Alex Mayo’s, and if the stretch goal is reached, Chris Huth’s!

The Kickstarter also includes two other incredible books – a print omnibus of Zzarchov’s incredible collection of adventures, and a new adventure for NGR (City of Tears) that I did the cartography for and that is downright amazing.

So get in there and get yourself some NGR!

(Source: Dyson’s Dodecahedron)

4/5 – 1917 (Skull & Bones)

On retrouve la maquette qui fonctionne sur le papier épais et solide qu’affectionnent les XII Singes.

(Source: Guide du Rôliste Galactique : le jeu de rôle, l’univers, et le reste…)

Four Against Darkness – Party Sheet

In the photo I posted of my setup to play Four Against Darkness a couple of days ago, there was an alternate Party Record Sheet that a few people have asked me about. It is one I drew up quickly for my first session, so it might evolve a bit as I keep playing the game.

Click on the image to be taken to the full size version.

Four Against Darkness Party RecordFour Against Darkness Party Record

(Source: Dyson’s Dodecahedron)

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