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Sugar Shack Slaughter – Blood Maple Hollow

As Canadian as Maple Syrup!

This is the setting for the Sugar Shack Slaughter, one of the two adventures in “The Scenario from Ontario“. Written by the remarkably Kiel Chenier, the “dungeon” of the adventure is a massive hollow maple tree and tunnels among its roots.

Blood Maple HollowBlood Maple Hollow

Hollow trees are a favourite “dungeon” environment of mine, so I not only enjoyed working on these, but have a number of alternate uses planned for them for my own campaigns. The main level can work as an elven temple of some kind, with the central pool working as a scrying device or where the priests stand in order to be closer to avalon or the equivalent during their ceremonies. Or in a D&D5e campaign it can be the secret gathering places of the blights who are much more communal creatures than people think them to be…

These maps of the Blood Maple Hollow are redraws based on Kiel’s original maps. I made an effort to make it look as “tree-like” as I could manage for the level on the left, with the lower level on the right still having roots and tendrils to define the grid but being a bit more traditionally cave-like in textures as is my style.


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(Source: Dyson’s Dodecahedron)

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