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Into the Dungeon!

Only recently have we rediscovered the location of the palace of the Vampire King. As the old stories and sages described, the palace had not only been besieged, but torn down stone-by-stone and scattered down the hillside into the Valley of Blood. Beneath the ancient and battered obsidian throne a well-worn secret passage was found, leading to a gallery under the castle which then leads to the various understructures of the palace – torture chambers, crypts, armories, libraries and even treasuries…


Back in 1982, I ran one of my first D&D campaigns that actually maintained some amount of decent continuity. The campaign included a quick “dungeons of Castle Greyhawk” type dungeon where I cribbed the map and the theme of the dungeon from the Dungeon! board game that I had played to death in 79 to 81. I’ve thought back on this campaign several times since, and finally took a the dive to redraw the map on a letter-sized page instead of a large boardgame board.

The original dungeon layout that this map is drawn from was by the original author of the game, David R. Megarry – although the specific incarnation that this map was drawn from is the version from the old printings of the board game from the 1970s.


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(Source: Dyson’s Dodecahedron)

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