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Storm King’s Googlies

One of the things I still find myself doing when I need to chill out and get away from mapping for a bit but don’t have the attention span to read is to decorate stuff with googly eyes. Especially gaming stuff.

My latest victim was my until-then unopened copy of Storm King’s Thunder – one of the relatively recent D&D5e adventure modules. He looks a little startled up there.

When giants google, everybody wins!

Like most modules, it always starts with goblins. Googlins. Googly goblins. Gobbly Googles. Something.

Anyways, I used to post my googly eyed insanity to the blog regularly, but stopped doing so when I launched my Googly website. Then a few months ago my personal website (www.dysonlogos.com) was taken down by hackers and replaced with a lovely flashing warning to people that I’m a “Libtard SJW Cuck” (seriously, if you haven’t figured that out already…) and one of the victims of the hack was my Googly site.

Wait, is that GooglyHound (HellGoogly?) staring at the Tiefling’s ass?

Anyways, if you like this sort of silliness, I post my googly creations to my social media feeds on Google+ [+DysonLogos], Facebook [TheDysonLogos], and Twitter [@DysonLogos].

Plus I’ve recently resurrected my GooglyRPG site which maintains an archive of all my googly eyed creations.

(Source: Dyson’s Dodecahedron)

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