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Mapvember 21 through 30

Not only did I end up finishing the whole Mapvember thing, I managed to get all 30 maps done in the 30 days (although at two points I fell behind, once by two days – by the 30th I was done with 30 maps drawn).

I posted my Mapvember maps to my social media feeds (Google+, Facebook and Twitter) as I got them done, but before I scan them. Now I’m going back into the collection, adding details, cleaning them up a bit, scan them, and then posting them to the blog as finished works.

Some of the photos suck, some of the maps are weaker than others (having to do one a day means some get significantly less time dedicated to them than I would like), but overall the quality surprised me – and by the end of the month I was producing pieces that blew my own mind.

So here’s the final set of ten maps, photographed as soon as I was done them:

Mapvember 21 – Codex

(The secret library of the Emerald Hawk Society)



Mapvember 22 – Fallen God

(Strange dungeons behind the fallen idol)



Mapvember 23 – Revelation

(This is the main access point into the Valley of Revelations)



Mapvember 24 – Awakening

(So I drew a Sietch. If you can’t connect Awakening to a Sietch map, then we cannot be friends.)



Mapvember 25 – Betrayal

(When betrayed during her plot to take the throne from her sister, Diane the Thrice-Damned retreated to this small fortress for the next five years along with the witch Enshelon and the company of a few loyal men at arms.)



Mapvember 26 – Swarm

(So here’s a strange dungeon-hive where the swarm lives.)



Mapvember 27 – Infection

(I’m not sure why my brain decided we were drawing a city for the Mapvember Infection theme, but that’s what you get when you throw themes at my brain and let it draw. Let’s say the city is riddled with a cursed plague brought here by tomb raiders.)



Mapvember 28 – Cure

(While I was originally thinking of drawing a map based on Robert Smith’s oft-mangled application of lipstick, instead I drew a magical pool where pilgrims go to be cured of many minor afflictions such as halitosis, hypertension, and luposlipaphobia.)



Mapvember 29 – The Last Stand

(This is the last fortress of the cloud giant high priest. Each square measures 30 feet across.)



Mapvember 30 – Ascent

(I decided to go all “hard mode” for this one, and drew it without isometric paper. It’s not as stunning as yesterday’s, but it is still pretty rockin’.)


(Source: Dyson’s Dodecahedron)

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